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SAFE Skim '- Kezako
A prefilter? To do what?
Many pool owners do not install a textile prefilter in the basket of their skimmer (s).
Many people do not even know about the existence of this product .... Others do not need it, or at least they think it's superfluous.


Waste of all kinds falls into the water of the basin. The most visible are the leaves of trees or their tops (for ash trees for example), the petals of flowering shrubs. Others, smaller, are less visible: the hair for example, but more devious.
Others are almost invisible: sand brought by the wind (depending on the country)
Others are even thinner, such as air pollution, and there is more talk about the size of waste than their composition (usually greasy).
So, of course we can let the devices installed by the manufacturer of the pool. We can say that the sand filter will do its job. We'll add a little chlorine, a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and it'll be fine. We do the ostrich.

1-/Vegetable waste,are putrescible. If the owner empties the basket very regularly, indeed, everything will be fineIf the maintenance is more or less neglected (either because we forget to do it, or because we do not want it, or because we find it boring), the plant debris will begin to decompose and the fragments will either become embedded in the basket, making the cleaning even more difficult, or go to the main filter and the residues of this decomposition will gradually but surely soil the sand, which will then replace. In addition, this will lead to higher consumption of stabilizing and cleaning products, which are also in the bath water.

2-/The hair : admittedly, they are difficult to be putrescible, but their accumulation, often in bundle or "braids" partially obstructs the pipes and orifices, and reduces the flows, and fatigue the circuit pump. Have you ever cleaned a sink siphon? Or maybe the washing machine's drain pump? Well in the pool it's the same.

3-/ Fatty substances : They are found on the surface of the basin; like sun amber, makeup, hair gel, and more treacherous air pollution. The lipophilic structure of Safe Skim 'attracts these fats. If that's why you put a Safeskim ', it will have to be replaced frequently. Do not worry, you will not have to throw it every time; it can very well be washed, hand or machine.

4-/ Sand and other minerals :In some areas, the hot wind carries dust or often sand. While these fine particles, and often mineral, are not putrescibles, but it risks to clog the filter sand, or at least, to force you to frequent manual cleanings. With a Safeskim, these dust, these grains of sand will be stopped.

So, as you understand, Safeskim is essential, to the good health of the basin and the comfort of use of the owner. And do not forget that fewer chemicals in the water means fewer chemicals on your skin.